About Us

Launched in 2014 with headquarters in Amman, Jordan and offices in Cairo and Dubai;  Wikimedia are among the biggest providers of various media and advertising services, including magazine publications (Layalina Magazine-Amman), bus advertising (Routes), and digital marketing (Pixles). We also serve as the exclusive resellers for Rotana TV channels and LBCI. We currently dominate more than 35% of the Jordanian market, which makes us your ideal choice for exquisite advertising.


We are a corporation that specializes in advertisements that are either owned, managed, or licensed by other businesses on television, radio, online, and in print. We create and run business advertisements on both the local and global markets, using high-reach media to meet the needs of the audience and convey the advertiser's message. In order to set high standards that are motivated by our principles, we strive to deliver superior innovative and creative media solutions.